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This page will help you navigate from course to course or from module to module.


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In the Institute Menu Page, click on the titles of the Modules.



Here are some icons that you might encounter:



Handouts are available.  To download, click the title to follow the link.


These are some of the Web 2.0 Tools and apps you will use as you go along each module.


Todaysmeet will be our backchannel chat platform for this 3-day seminar-workshop.  

Feel free to post your one-liner insights, thoughts or ideas that struck you during the discussions and lectures and share them with others.

Sharing of ideas through this TodaysMeet channel will help you collaborate and enrich your learning experience in this training.


Padlet is a virtual wall that you can customize and use to express your ideas about certain topics.

It may work like a corkboard or paper where you can paste images, text, documents or even videos online.

You can use it as an individual or with a group to collaborate on projects.

You can work on it with anyone from any device.

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Mentimeter is a tool that helps you engage and interact with your audience in real time.  You can use this to create multiple choice items, surveys, word clouds, open ended questions which your participants can answer and see results of your questions in real time.


You are now ready to begin.   😀