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Seminar-Workshop Overview

Welcome to Educational Leadership in the 21st Century!

This module is for educators who would like to:

  • make their classrooms more learner-centered
  • personalize their instruction
  • use technology and web tools into their teaching
  • make their students create output using digital tools
  • get their students involved in how they learn

The tasks and activities, reading the handouts and watching videos included in this module, will guide you on how to become a 21st century Educational Leader.

This Institute covers the following modules:

Day 1

leadership in the 21st century

Day 2

Day 3

You may view the Training Outline handout here.

These pages will keep you on track of the topics in the seminar-workshop.  Should you have difficulty after the discussions, you can refer to this page and review the topics that were already discussed.  

Participate in the activities and collaborate with other participants to maximize the learning experience.

Before we get started, it is important that you answer the Pre-Workshop Questionnaire to give us an understanding of your needs as a 21st century educational leader.  

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